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This is a very important post.

babies babying together

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John Constantine. James Gordon. Oliver Queen. Barry Allen.

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EW interview: Stephen & Emily being adorable dorks (x)

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Emily Bett Rickards + Stephen Amell creating new words at SDCC 2014.

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Arrow Cast

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WB and DC logos for the DC shows coming to television this fall.

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There was a split second there where his like, “wait, what? bro what are you doing?” 

On more serious note, PTSD dogs for veterans are so fucking therapeutic. They’re like the one person you can spill your guts to and never worry about ever being judged or have that secret divulged. There are times when I definitely prefer the company of a dog over a human. 

Therapy animals save lives.

These dogs are even still so much more amazing. They check rooms before their handler enters, so they can clear it to help the person feel safe. Like in the gif, they are there when panic attacks or nightmares occur, to be something for the person to help ground themselves on, or yes just to turn on the lights. Even more amazing, many people are able to reduce their medication when they have a PTSD service dog there to help them. These dogs are useful for not just veterans, but also victims of abuse, accident trauma, natural disasters, and others. Their training allows them to be useful in situations where medical assistance is needed, as well. Some PTSD dogs are trained to recognize repetitive behaviours in handlers, and signal the handler to break the repetition and stopping the behaviour and possibly injury. 

Service dogs in general are just awesome. Remember to respect any that you see out in public. They are not there for you to walk up to and play with, even the puppies!

I was reading an article of a service dog helping a person with schizophrenia. she stated that when she was seeing or hearing things and notices the dog is not reacting in any way, then she is able to ground herself, realizing what she was experiencing was not real and could work through it easier and is more able to ignore the delusions. And she pointed out she feels more comfortable with a service dog as well because well, dogs don’t judge and get angry for things like this

I teared up about this whole post to be honest.

i’ll never not reblog this post. it is so important.

I cried a little about this

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if you think Toothless is all cat and no dog and call him a “flying cat” or “dragon kitty” in response to something he does you’ve probably never owned both cats and dogs???? he is a mix of the two












dog and cat (my dog LOVES lasers, my cat doesn’t)


cat, then dog



in conclusion, Toothless does dog-like things in a cat-like manner

Hes the best of both worlds

of course he’s the best he’s a flippin dragon

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This is Ella, our 3 year old Shih Tzu. 

She needs your help. On July 21st, Ella was horribly injured when a van ran her over and fled the scene.

Little Ella has already had two surgeries: one to rebuild her broken pelvis and set her shattered leg and another to reattach both tubes from her kidneys, which got unattached from the impact, to her bladder.

Our family is doing everything we can to care for this wonderful little Shih Tzu that we rescued from the ASPCA shelter just 3 months ago. But the vet bills have reached $15,000 and are piling up every day, while Ella is still in urgent care. 

We have reached the limit of our credit. Our family just moved into a new house, where our rent is higher. We are already struggling with that, and can’t afford this at all. This is a serious situation, and everyone wants our baby home.

At this moment Ella is getting a blood transfusion. She needs to be in her forever home where she can be cared for and loved and continue to heal.

Please reach in your heart and donate whatever you can. The situation is desperate and every dollar counts. Thank you so much!

Seriously guys, if dashcon can raise 17k, please please donate, if you can, to help us pay for Ella’s treatments!! Even if you can’t, please reblog to signal boost!! You can donate here!

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