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The second I looked at her everything changed, my whole universe changed.

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Arrow + what really happened

Let’s not forget who waited the longest for this moment…

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First of all too much Laurel for me… UGH kinda killed the mood of the episode for me. I remember why I didn’t like Laurel in the first place when she goes into angry mode and starts bossing people around. She just seems like a biatch to me and that way I can’t like Laurel.

Emily Bett broke me in her pain scenes, for being such a young actress she’s incredibly talented. She’s amazing I get why she has so many fans she just gets too you.  And I was already in so much pain because of the Sara pain. She shouldn’t have died.  and not to push Laurel as the BC on us. Not accepting that *censored* at all NOPE! My heart breaks for Quentin it’s gonna be extremely painful when he finds out that Sara died. One thing is for sure Laurel shouldn’t have lied to him that lie is only gonna make it harder on him when she decides to tell him.

Now onto the Olicity that scene was painful not gonna lie, what got me the most was Oliver’s face when Felicity told him he had no feelings OUCH. Especially because in that second I felt like he was thinking about how wrong she is because he loves her and of course he has feelings. I got oth of them. Oliver was being stone cold to everyone, especially Felicity because he didn’t want to deal with the pain of Sara’s death and like he told, Felicity he thinks everyone looks up to him to lead and for that reason he can’t break down, so he shuts off and pushes people away. I did like that even though he was distant with her he still opened up to her, like he used to before; he told her what he was feeling without lies. I also understood Felicity’s position right here, she realized he she had lost him when he basically said he was just gonna die one die, and that pissed her off. That and him being emotionally closed off. Add to that, that she’s still reeling from the break-up so she snaps, and gives him a dose of reality. She is not gonna watch him die, or wait for him to die, she wants so much more. So she does what she has to: Once again she walks away. And that got to him, as we saw in the end. Felicity Smoak once again breaks thru Oliver Queen’s walls and gets him to react. Now he just to realize that him and Felicity want the same thing in life cuz they do, he just needs to accept it. P.s Stephen and Emily were brilliant in that scene and deserve all the awards.

I wonder how Oliver will react when he finds out that she’s working for Ray Palmer now and that she’ll probably have a similar relationship with Ray, that she has with him. Their one scene oddly reminded me of Olicity scenes and that could be both good and bad.  You know, Oliver is not gonna like her having that kind of emotional tether to someone else. he’s not gonna like it one bit.  and i for one can’t wait to see his reaction!

I didn’t enjoy this episode as much as last weeks but the cast was good.

P.s and this is not the end of Olicity only the beginning. And the first step for Oliver to realize that he doesn’t want to be alone. They have to go thru this angst to become stronger and they will.


Everyone loves a fairy tale


Do you live-blog about “Arrow” here on Tumblr? Ever thought about doing it on Twitter, too? Party with fellow fans in the #Arrow and #Olicity hashtags? It’s a lot of fun — and, more importantly, it gets measured.


Last year, the company that does the TV ratings launched what is called the

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point over the women they’re in love with and think they can’t be with.

We just finished shooting a massive two episode crossover with The Flash

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What is love?
What is love?
You don’t know what love is
Till you love somebody
Bad enough

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